I love MATH Learning Game

Advance Little Minds

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Product Description:
This game has all of the tools to help your child evolve their mathematical skills with hands on activities. Starting with teaching your child how to count using the numbers flashcards that include a number and corresponding objects associated with the number. (Example - card with the number 2 has 2 lions on the card).  From there the game will assist your child with learning basic mathematical calculations including adding and subtracting. 

Helps children recognize numbers and understand the relationship between numbers and quantity, color identification skills, simple addition and subtraction, enriches your child's imagination, and promotes logical and critical thinking. The game has different components to use as your child's mathematical learning evolves.

Game Supplies:
10 number cards, 10 wooden numbers, 100 small wooden bars, 30 double sided addition and subtraction cards, 1 small cloth, 1 erasable pen. Premium material, durable, cute and colorful design, and water based paint.

Product Warning:
Small pieces present a choking hazard for small children, please supervise children when playing. Recommended for age 3+.

How to Play:
(1) Learn how to count to 10 with flashcards that include the number and a picture representative of the number.
(2) Then use the addition cards, and finish the mathematical calculation by placing the wooden number on the card. Example - card will read 2 + 3= ___. Child will place the wooden 5 on the card to complete the equation. Once your child can write, they will use the marker to write in the correct number in the empty box.
(3) Practice the basic math equations by using the sticks to learn math hands-on. Example - card will read 2 + 3= ___. The child will grab 2 sticks of one color and 3 sticks of another color and count all of the sticks to get to the answer of 5.